Access to the Big-Picture Productivity community by Peter Akkies
Enrollment is closed

Access to the Big-Picture Productivity community

Connect and share productivity tips with other motivated, action-oriented people.
Enrollment is closed

The missing ingredient

I get fantastic feedback on my OmniFocus and Things courses—people consistently report being more organized and more productive by the end of each course. 

But until now, there has been a missing ingredient to my video courses—an ingredient that can be so important for keeping up your momentum and your good productivity habits.

That missing ingredient is community. And that’s why I have an invitation and an offer for you today.

I’ve built a community of people for whom being organized and productive is important, just like it is to you. This community is called the Big-Picture Productivity community and you are invited!

The community is a place to:
  • Connect with other motivated, action-oriented people
  • Exchange OmniFocus & Things best practices
  • Discuss other productivity apps and tools
  • Share general productivity tips
  • Create and maintain a progress log for accountability
I also hang out in the community, of course. 😀

What goes on in the community?

We discuss, we connect, we encourage, and we share! Here are some topics we’ve recently discussed in the community:

  • Peter’s experiment with using a paper planner
  • Building trust in your information manager
  • A promising “new” task manager that works cross-platform
  • Podcast recommendations, including one about “deep work”

Who is in the community?

Access to the community is included with my latest course, Big-Picture Productivity, as well as for anyone who books a one-on-one consultation with me. It’s also available for anyone to purchase as an add-on to my OmniFocus or Things course, or as a standalone.

Here are some of the people we have in the community:

  • Someone with a checkmark on Twitter (I know, fancy 😉)
  • Someone with a law named after them
  • Someone with 800+ tasks in their task manager and who is perfectly happy about that (crazy, no?!)
  • A European champion of public speaking
In other words: it’s a fun place to be!

What does the community look like?

The community comes in the forum of discussion forums. (They run on Discourse, for the nerds among you.) They’re meant to be asynchronous—it’s not a chat room! I wouldn’t invite you to a chat room. I want you to be more productive, remember? 😁 

The community is designed for deep, thoughtful, and meaningful discussion.

See you there soon!