Course goal, requirements, and philosophy

What will you achieve in this course?

What do you need to get started with the course?

And what approach will we use in this course to help you organize your life and be more productive?

Let's get on the same page before we dive into Things.

Lesson transcript:
[00:00:00] Before we dive into Things 3, let's talk about the goal of the course, about the requirements of the course and about the philosophy of this course. Now, the goal of the course is to get organized with Things 3. That's what you're going to learn in this course. And that will have a number of benefits. You'll feel more in control of what's going on. You'll feel less stress, less overwhelm. And you'll be more productive as well as a host of other things. And that all flows from being more organized, getting organized. So that's the goal of the course. And that will have a lot of benefits for your life. 

[00:00:35] Now, what's the requirement of this course or the requirements? Well, you need to have a little bit of time, obviously. Perhaps an afternoon or two would be enough to go through the course and apply what you're learning in this course and get started with the workflow or the system that I'll be teaching you in this course. 

[00:00:53] But over time, you'll be tweaking your own setup in Things 3. So the foundation, the course, maybe an afternoon or two. But after that, I will be asking you to try things out for a while and then make adjustments. So you'll be learning a system to get started with and you'll be using trial and error to improve that over time. 

[00:01:11] Now you'll also need, of course, the app Things 3. You can have it on your iPhone or iPad or on your Mac or on all three or some combination. That's all right. I'll be using the Mac version of Things 3 in this course to show you how to do things, but you can do everything in the same way on iOS as well. It just requires that you translate my instructions from the Mac app to the iOS app and I will have a lesson as well where I show you how to do some of the common things I'm teaching in the course on the iOS app, but know that my instructions and what you'll be seeing in the course in the videos is for the Mac app. But no worries if you don't want to or cannot use the Mac app, because what I'll be teaching you is mostly about how to actually think about using Things 3 and how to set it up rather than you know where to find this button in the app. 

[00:02:04] OK, then the philosophy of the course. What is the philosophy of the course? I want to empower you to build a system and a workflow that works for you because we're all different people. We all have different work, different lives,  we all have unique needs. And even though you're trying to get organized the same way that other people are, what works for you may not work for someone else or vice versa. Right. So I'll be teaching you a really solid system or workflow to get started with. Right. I'll show you how to set Things up, but then I'll be asking you to think about, hey, what's going on in your life and how can you apply this to your unique situation? And I'll be teaching you a place to get started from, and I'll be asking you to try that out for a little while and see how it goes. Give it enough time to see whether it's working for you. And if not, you can head in one direction or head in a different direction using what you've learned in this course. 

[00:02:57] So it's a trial and error philosophy, because I think that's the best way to actually get organized, be more productive, feel less stress, feel more in control—[and] all of the other lovely benefits. So those are the goals and the requirements and the philosophy of this course. And now I think it's time to actually dive into Things 3. 

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