OmniFocus project templates by Peter Akkies
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OmniFocus project templates

Hit the ground running with OmniFocus. Also includes my recommended project structure.
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Save time on setting up OmniFocus

In my OmniFocus 3 video course, I emphasize the importance of using project templates. I also recommend a simple project and folder structure. Both of these things save you time.

To save the most time, buy this set of templates, which includes:
  • Template projects to save you time and to inspire your own templates
  • The project and folder structure I recommend in my video course
  • Example tasks and projects for the various domains in your life

For example, some of the included template projects are for:
  • Doing your weekly review (using the steps from my weekly review cheat sheet)
  • Packing for a trip
  • Preparing for and processing business meetings
  • Getting your accounting up to date
  • Onboarding a new client

You will, of course, have to adjust these templates a bit to your specific needs. But it's much faster to start with these templates than to come up with your own templates from scratch.
Just copy and paste these templates and get to doing. Easy as pie.

Praise for this project setup

I got everything set up wonderfully without having to scour the internet for hours finding random bits of information.
Shannon Hughes
The sample projects are awesome. They helped in creating my own workflow.
Oskar Chyb
Learn from this master teacher!
Alison Rogers

What's included?

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Do I need to buy your video course to use these templates?

No, you don't need to buy my video course. You can use these templates and the suggested project and folder structure by themselves.

However, I recommend that you also buy the course, so that you learn the thinking behind the system (and much more).

On which devices can I use these project templates?

You’ll need to run OmniFocus on macOS to use these templates.