No matter how hard you try to keep OmniFocus up to date, eventually there will be a divergence between OmniFocus and reality.

You’ll complete tasks but forget to mark them as completed in OmniFocus. You’ll intend to do things without creating tasks or projects in OmniFocus for them. Due dates will change. Projects will stop being relevant.

To stay on top of your projects, you need to periodically bring OmniFocus back in line with reality. 

And that’s what the weekly review is for.

Video transcript
[00:00:00] You've now learned an OmniFocus workflow you can trust; that you can rely on. But even if you use it consistently, you will inevitably find that reality and OmniFocus diverge. This happens to everyone. You'll forget to mark tasks as completed in OmniFocus. You'll think of something new that you want to do, but forget to write it down in OmniFocus. Or, the duration or scope of a project changes. That's normal. That's life. 

[00:00:27] To combat the divergence of reality and OmniFocus, to bring reality and OmniFocus back in line with each other, you'll want to do weekly reviews. During a weekly review you will just make sure that whatever is listed in OmniFocus reflects what you want to do and need to do in reality. 

[00:00:47] In this section, I'll teach you how to do a weekly review in OmniFocus. It's not difficult, but it is very important that you do it consistently. Let's talk first about how to do a weekly review in OmniFocus. I'll show you how. And then let's talk about when to do your weekly review and about scheduling it.

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